ON Energy 2023 Team Building: “Overcoming challenges”

The cohesion of its employees has allowed ON Energy to grow and develop for 9 years. 

Therefore, on October 28, 2023, ON Energy Green Energy Joint Stock Company organized a team-building trip with the theme “OVERCOME CHALLENGES” and returned to the beautiful waters of Phan Thiet. The purpose of this trip is not only to help people relax and have fun… The focus is on solidarity, mutual understanding, and discovering each other’s strengths to overcome any challenge together.

There was a lot of laughing and resilient determination throughout the trip.

Before jumping into the arranged challenges by the organizing committee (BTC), we all came together for a musical concert showcasing diverse acts by our outstanding staff and we had a great time on the beautiful Phan Thiet beach.

Equally talented singing competition among singers.

Continuing on the journey, the bus arrived at the stunning Phan Thiet beach. The ON Energy family captured beautiful and one-of-a-kind photos that are brighter than sunlight.

Check in tại địa điểm Bikini beach- Phan Thiết

The organizing committee (BC) skillfully integrated the company’s core values into the events through careful and innovative planning, and the team names (“Strong – Smart – Team – Honest”) were the foundation for overcoming challenges. Team members pushed themselves, let go of their burdens at work, and gave their utmost effort in every game.

Team building is as exciting as the sunny weather at Phan Thiet Beach, and ON Energy members are enthusiastic about participating in games like go through the relay circle, Burst bubbles, Lift others and pass them on, and more,… Games can show competition, creativity, and solidarity when working together to overcome challenges that you think are impossible. The determination to win and do their best, for ON Energy members. When there were cheers and cheers, the atmosphere seemed to be more explosive.

Have fun with exciting games at Phan Thiet Beach.

At the Gala Dinner, celebrating the 9th anniversary of the company’s establishment and development, we looked back on the journey with many emotional ups and downs and opened up the way to a new journey full of aspirations with the sharing of Mr. Tran Ngoc Tuan Khanh, CEO of ON Energy company. At the end of the trip, awards were given to individuals and teams who went above and beyond their expectations, and they shared in celebration with members of the ON Energy family.

Gala Dinner of the ON Energy family – 2023

With the theme of ‘Overcoming Challenges’, the team members completed all the tasks that the organizing committee expected on this team-building trip. The members have become more unified, and cooperative, and have discovered new abilities to apply to their work and lives. Specifically, they have made unforgettable memories for both individuals and the team.

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