Tan Phu Villa with a Modern Rooftop Solar System

Lately, the green living trend has been drawing the attention of many, especially villa owners. One of the key solutions to drive this trend is the adoption of solar energy.
Using solar energy not only helps families save on electricity costs but also contributes to environmental conservation. Importantly, the installation of a solar energy system also adds value to the property.
As per Vietnam’s Electricity Plan No. 8, the target by 2030 is for 50% of office buildings and 50% of households to utilize rooftop solar systems for self-generation and consumption of electricity, without exporting excess power to the national grid.
For this reason, employing solar energy in villa settings is emerging as a fresh green living trend. This is an effective and sustainable solution that contributes to environmental preservation and enhances the quality of life.
A notable example is the villa project in Tan Phu, implemented by ON Energy.

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