O&M stands for Operations & Maintenance – Operations & Maintenance. On Energy offers a full range of professional services that safeguard and ensure the functioning of rooftop solar systems catering to customers in need of O&M.

Continuous monitoring: ON ENERGY keeps a close eye on the performance of its clients’ rooftop solar systems. This includes ensuring the system is functioning regularly, keeping an eye on the performance of energy production, and utilizing contemporary technology to uncover operational concerns. Such actions as:

  • Making use of the infrared camera’s integrated Fly Cam.
  • Tracker of I-V curves.
  • Visually examine the state of the electrical cabinet, cable trays, shade structure, DC and AC wires, and MC4 connection conditions.
  • Keep an eye on the inverter, cable trays, wiring, and other equipment temperatures.
  • Use software to compare gathered data to identify and resolve possible system issues.

ON Energy’s Solar Power Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Service includes:

  • Specialist solar panel cleaning.
  • Inspecting roofs and preventing damage to solar panels.
  • Modernizing solar energy systems to fulfill requirements.
  • Based on technical advice, replacement of defective equipment and minor fault repairs throughout the warranty term.
  • Asset management – rooftop solar system.
Reporting and consulting: ON ENERGY offers comprehensive data on rooftop solar system performance as well as consulting on the best ways to maximize and enhance performance.
Regulation compliance: ON ENERGY guarantees that all operating and maintenance operations comply with safety and renewable energy regulations, as well as industry standards.